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 Review of Ambi Fade Cream  for Fading Dark Spots

on Brown Skin or African American Skin


Does Ambi Skin Fade Cream Work?ambi

Ambi is one of the most popular and widly known fade creams for discoloration and dark spots for African Americans and people of color. It was the only thing four African Americans and people of color for a long time to use for their discoloration because the market at large really didn't pay attention to the needs of people of color. The ambi cream claims to help with dark spots and age spots. The cream is produced by Johnson and Johnson.

Ambi has a formula for oily skin and a formula for dry skin both formulas contain a sunscreen for protection. Ambi Fade Cream's primary focus is to prevent an uneven complexion and elimate dark marks. They claim you should see results within two weeks with Ambi Fade Cream.

What is In Ambi Fade Cream? overview of ingredients

Hydroquinone is the main ingredient in Ambi's formula. The fade cream contains 2% hydroquinone and vitamin E it also  contains sunscreen or 2%  Octinoxate Right now hydroquinone is the fastest and most effective way to lightening dark spots and discoloration. 

What we like about Ambi:

  • It a light mositizure for both oily, dry and combination skin
  • The soaps smell nice and don't dry your skin out to much
  • Results can come over a while maybe about 6 months of use.
  • It's cheap  
  • Includes some sunscreen inside

What we do not like about Ambi:

  • Only has one ingredients to fight dark spots and discolorations
  • Takes a very long time to work  a few months or more 
  • Its smells good but the smell can get annoying after a while 
  • Not enough sunscreen to be effective protection from sun

What We Recommend

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My Number One Pick:
Clear and Even Tone at  is the winner, too bad I didn't find it first (works for all brown skin tones). I first heard about this product on The woman reporting on the site  recommended it to fade dark spots quickly, and so far I must agree with!  This is the best dark spot fade gel on the market. The difference with this Clear and Even Tone is that it combines Hydroquinone and Glycolic acid two  products that work most effectiving in fading spots an work well on dark skin tones. Aside from the scientific reasoning, the results are absolutely fabulous,and unlike other products, this one gives you results you can see in a few days!  In addition to erasing dark spots the others just can't compare to, it also happens to be quickest, and least expensive method I've tried. I absolutely love it.  It only takes a few days to see my complexion even out. Using this product, I was able to erase all the spots on my face, back and arms.  My boyfriend saw me using it, he started using it under his neck from darkness from razors scars !


Runner Up:
If you are looking for overall skin bleaching for black skin for african Americans I would try a site called they have a product called Derma Lum that is good for lightening skin overall for dark skin tones.

Palmers Skin Success  is another popular skin whitener .  Palmer is  fairly effective, and like  Clear and Even Tone by , does has hydroquoine.   However, these products don't have the Hydroquinone and Glycolic acid combo which is the key and they take a long time because if they worked to fast or tow well  Palmer would be out business .  It only gets 3 stars as I did see some change versus a dramtic change with Clear and Even Tone with  . I do, however, love the way Palmers is packaged, I just wish it worked as well .

The Wrap up

 No one should have the live with spots on their skin! Women of color often underestimate the ability of companies to really develop a product that works for them, but they are out there. Aside from your eyes, your skin is the first thing people look at and usually remember about you.  Think about it! A even tone complexion makes people think more of you ! If you're reading this, I'm sure you agree. That's why I tried all of these darkspot fade creams and since I know which ones worked for me and which ones didn't, I figured I should let everyone know. It's my way of giving you some good info, getting back at the products that didn't work, and thanking those that worked for me. As said above, I completely recommendClear and Even Tone by  , it's a potent dark spot cream  that works. Professional skin care is good too, but is pricier and not as effective. Both come with a guarantee, so your best bet may be to try both and stay with the one that gives you your best skin!